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Premier cool soap

Unlock the Secrets to Glowing Skin with our Premium Soap Collection

Premier cool is a good soap that keeps your skin clean and fresh all day. Its ingredients include menthol, talc and glycerin, which help to keep the skin moisturized. It also helps to eliminate body odor. The soap costs N300 in markets and cosmetics shops.

The antibacterial soap is formulated by experts and promises 25 hours active freshness. Its ice cold sensation provides long lasting freshness while its superior odour defence eliminates germs and odour-causing bacteria.

It is a great antibacterial soap

Premier cool soap side effects is a great antibacterial soap that nourishes and hydrates your skin while leaving it visibly smooth. It also cleanses the body and gets rid of clogged pores that cause acne and other skin conditions. Its antiseptic abilities deep clean your skin, removing dirt, makeup, and surface oil that ordinary soap can’t. The soap also has a refreshing fragrance that keeps you feeling fresh all day long. Premier cool soap is an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin because it is gentle and doesn’t dry out the skin. It’s also a good choice for people with oily skin because it doesn’t leave behind a film of excess oil. You can use it to remove sweat and body odor from the groin area or armpits, and it’s also great for treating fungal infections.

This soap is specially designed to keep your skin fresh and germ-free even on your busiest days, thanks to its superior menthol extracts. Its real freezethol technology delivers an icy-cool sensation and a long-lasting fragrance, and its antibacterial ingredient kills the germs that cause bad odour. Its 25 hours active freshness feature ensures that you stay fresh and moisturized all day long.

This soap is made of glycerin, water, talc, fragrance, menthol, stabilizer, and antiseptic agent. It doesn’t darken the skin and it’s safe to use for all ages. To use it, rub the bar gently on a sponge and scrub it onto your wet skin. Rinse with water and dry well.

It keeps your skin hydrated

Premier cool soap review is a great antibacterial soap that keeps your skin hydrated and fresh all day long. It smells and feels like chilly menthol and protects you from unseen germs, bacteria, and fungus. It also helps to reduce body odor, especially in the armpit and groin area. This soap is also good for acne, as it deeply cleanses and unclogs pores, which helps to prevent breakouts.

It was a memorable day for the brand as it held a lavish and exciting relaunch event at the company headquarters in Ilupeju, Lagos recently. The event was a day of fun, entertainment, and excitement, and saw the appearance of some of Nigeria’s best comedians and celebrities such as the popular comedian Kenny Blaq and former reality TV star Leo Babarinde DaSilva.

The soap contains effective antibacterial ingredients and real freezethol technology, which guarantees a long lasting icy menthol feeling. It is enriched with superior menthol extracts and fragrance, and is designed to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. It is also safe for all skin types and doesn’t darken the complexion of your skin.

To use the soap, wet it and lather it all over your body. Let it sit on your skin for a few minutes and then rinse it off. After rinsing, dry your body with a clean towel and then apply moisturizer. The soap is available at markets and cosmetics shops and costs N300.

It is good for body odor

Premier Cool soap is a good anti-body odor soap that helps to prevent body odour and sweating. It contains real menthol extracts and a refreshing long-lasting fragrance, and it protects your skin from germs and bacteria that cause odour. The soap is also made with shea butter, which hydrates your skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and moisturized. The soap is sold at N300 in markets and cosmetics shops.

The soap is a great option for those with sensitive skin, because it does not contain any synthetic colors. Synthetic dyes can irritate the skin and cause dryness, whereas natural colours do not. This is especially important if you have a skin condition, such as psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema.

This anti-body odour soap is specially designed for people who have active lifestyles. It is enriched with superior menthol extracts and real freezethol technology, which are patented to PZ Cussons. This unique combination gives you a long-lasting icy cool sensation and 25 hours of active freshness, protecting your skin from unseen germs and disease-causing bacteria.

It eliminates sweat and musty odour from the armpit and groin area, while also reducing the buildup of dirt in your sweat pores. It has a rich lather that cleans your skin thoroughly, removes excess oil and debris, and unclogs pores. Its anti-acne properties also help to clear stubborn acne and leave your skin soft and visibly smooth.

It is good for face

Premier cool soap is good for the face as it cleanses it well, leaving it soft and smooth. It also helps to prevent body odors and eliminates sweat from the groin and armpit areas, while improving skin tone. Its antibacterial properties are mild on the skin but tough on germs. It also has moisturizing qualities that penetrate deep into the skin to get rid of dirt and impurities.

Premier Cool Sport is specially designed with those who have an active lifestyle in mind. It is professionally formulated to keep you fresh and germ-free even on your busiest days through an expert mix of menthol and caffeine. The menthol gives you a long lasting icy-cool feel and a refreshing, long-lasting fragrance, while the caffeine helps unclog your sweat pores and exfoliates your skin. The antibacterial properties help protect you from unseen germs and disease-causing bacteria. Its 25 hours active freshness feature guarantees that you are protected throughout the day.

The new premier cool soap comes in a stylish and trendy packaging and was relaunched at a colourful ceremony at the company’s headquarters in Ilupeju, Lagos. The event was hosted by popular comedian and compere, Kenny Blaq and actress and entrepreneur, Leo Babarinde DaSilva. Guests were treated to a day of brand showcase and entertainment. They were also given the opportunity to try out the new soap and enjoy its various benefits.

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