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60 E-Series Light Duty Brush Grapple

Take a closer look at the advanced features of the 60 E-Series Light Duty Brush Grapple

The 60 E-Series is a full-size van offered in both the VN and VN1 chassis. Both are rear-wheel drive and use longitudinally-mounted engines. For 2008, the E-series was redesigned with an exterior design inspired by the fourth generation of Ford Super Duty trucks and an updated instrument cluster. Inside, the touchscreen Ford Sync infotainment system was dropped and replaced with a simple single-DIN radio.

Power Steering

EPS is becoming more common in today’s vehicles and will be an important technology to understand. Most EPS systems have similar components, and with a little practice you will quickly be able to recognize when your customer’s concern is a mechanical issue or an EPS normal operating characteristic.

EPS uses an electric motor to reduce the effort required to turn the steering wheel. The Power Steering Control Module (PSCM) combines inputs from the steering shaft torque sensor, vehicle speed data, calculated system temperature and the steering tuning setting to command the correct amount of current to the EPS motor.

Power Windows

Power windows (also known as electric windows) are windows that can be raised or lowered by using a switch, rather than having to manually crank the window up or down. The first production power windows were introduced by Packard in 1941 for their new 180 series cars.

60” E-SERIES LIGHT DUTY BRUSH GRAPPLE | MID-STATE ATTACHMENTS features patented optics for a variety of beam options, including Spot, Driving, Hyperspot and Diffused. Available with a range of mounting and wiring options, the E-Series is a powerful lighting solution for off-road, power sports, marine and general automotive use, as well as first responder applications.

Tilt & Telescoping Steering Wheel

In many cars, a telescoping steering wheel can help drivers find the right position. It operates similar to its namesake, allowing drivers to adjust the distance between themselves and the steering wheel by pulling it closer or pushing it farther away. This adjustment used to be a more involved process that required tools, but today many automakers make the adjustment by flipping an unlocking lever or switch on the side of the steering column and manually pulling or pushing.

Another older type of steering wheel is the swing-away steering wheel, which swiveled to the right to make it easier for drivers to enter and exit their vehicle. It fell out of favor when new safety standards impacted vehicle design and construction.

Heated Seats

Heated seats are a wonderful addition to your vehicle. They help you stay comfortable when it is cold outside. They can be controlled from the switches on your doors, in the center of the dash or even via voice command.

When one of the seat heater switches is depressed a resistance signal is sent to the Cab Compartment Node (CCN) or instrument cluster via the Controller Area Network data bus. The CCN then sends a message to the heated seat module to energize the front seat heating mats through an integral solid-state relay.

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